How To Build a Web Page That Search Engines Love

Technical SEO for your Business By The Experts

SEO is much more than having a blog page, and the most likely causes of an SEO strategy failing comes down to basic technical SEO errors.
Optimise your web pages correctly with a comprehensive technical SEO strategy by ClickSlice. Set your sales up for success by ensuring that your web page is easily read and indexed by search engines.
In a technical SEO audit, we help you identify your issues. Then, our expert technical consultants work round the clock to resolve them, searching for broken links, missing data, URL structure and examining your XML sitemap. Our site audit gives you a comprehensive action plan of technical SEO fundamentals, helping you create the perfect base for an outstanding SEO strategy.
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Outstanding Search Engine Optimization by ClickSlice

From keyword research to page speed, structured data to resolving duplicate content, search engines are scrutinising your web page every day. Are you setting your own website up for success?
When you create a site, for it to be visible on the results page of search engines, it must first be ‘read’ by the search engine. But search engines do not read like you or me. They’re robots, and so they need to look at the technical elements of the web page to ascertain quality.
There are lots of technical SEO important factors that are telling search engines how to read your site and the level of quality of your site. Essentially technical SEO can be viewed as a checklist which tells search engines that your page is relevant, high-quality and suitable to be the answer to your customers’ search queries.
To get to the top of search results, ClickSlice can help check all of the technical aspects of your site with a site audit. Through on page SEO and our extensive range of SEO tools, ClickSlice optimises your desktop and mobile site, ensuring that it’s set up for success.

Our Technical SEO Audit Process

All SEO work at ClickSlice begins with a comprehensive SEO site audit where our consultants evaluate your website’s technical elements.
We begin by analyzing the website’s structure, architecture, and coding using a website crawler to identify any crawl errors, broken links, or other technical issues that may be impacting its performance in search. Here we index pages, examine your other sites, review broken links and internal links, identify duplicate content, improve the page’s URL and more.
Following the site audit, this information our consultants discover is then used to create a list of recommendations. In a call, we review each recommendation, explain what the problem is and how you can resolve it.
Don’t have a technical team on hand? Don’t worry. As part of our technical SEO audit process we can work to resolve these issues in your site on your behalf.
Then, our team works round the clock to improve your website’s technical elements. This process often includes to add structured data, link building strategies, and improve any problem coding.
Finally, we finish our process with mobile first indexing — improving the site structure for mobile users. We optimize the website files to create accelerated mobile pages and create a fantastic overall user flow to ensure that it provides a positive experience for your users.
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